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The Photographer

My love of photography began shortly after I finished my zoology degree and moved to England. I took a photography course on the other side of London where I learned the ins and outs of how to work my camera, process film and make prints in a darkroom. It was pure magic and I was hooked! I practised over the years, mostly with my own family, and worked to improve my images, using a shallow depth of field and getting the lighting just right.

A few years ago I decided to combine my passion for photography with my love of working with animals... I was very lucky to be part of Unleashed!, an intensive four-day workshop in Virginia on fine art pet photography, led by three talented and inspiring photographers. This workshop gave me the confidence to move forward with my plans for Little Red Fox Photography!

I feel at ease with both pets and kids, and find myself naturally drawn to them with my camera. I love the honesty that pets and kids portray, if you let them. They just are. Without thinking too much about it.

One of my best photographic subjects over the years was our first dog, Massey, pictured here. We got her at 11 weeks from Battersea Dogs Home in England. She was our first kid, really, and what a lot of joy she brought us. From playing frisbee and swimming in the dog pond at Hampstead Heath, to being a regular at our local North London pub, to visiting kids in hospital as a therapy dog, to moving to Canada with us... She welcomed each of our boys with lots of kisses and so much love, and she was as loyal as they come. It was very hard to lose her four years ago to cancer, at age 14 and 1/2. Our sweet dog, Massey.



Heather Cole Brownlow

Little Red Fox Photography